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Be Foxy

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The Be Foxy Supplement is a scientifically proven curated mixture of natural herbs used for thousands of years known to boost libido and reduce symptoms of menopause.  One dose a day is proven to increase sexual sensitivity and allows for exciting new romantic experiences for women. This mixture is a quick fix for easing the mind, increasing energy, improving fertility, and strengthening passageways for blood flow and bodily fluids. Whatever stage in life you are in, this supplement can help you get into the mood. 

Main Advantages

  • boosts libido and decreases hot flashes
  • reduces levels of cortisol
  • increases pleasurable sensations and decreases dryness

Why people love it! 

  • scientifically proven and supported by research to be effective
  • sustainable and readily available top grade ingredients 
  • non-addictive 


  • one capsule per day
  • 30 capsules per bottle 


  • Take once a day and stay hydrated throughout the day. 
  • Men may benefit from this supplement as well. 

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