The Little Secret Growing Pill


Hello Gorgeous, 

If your reading this post, you already know how important sex is to your relationship. Sex definitely changes over one's life-time. Several things come into play with sexual arousal. The most obvious would probably be visual appeal as well as other sensory stimuli. That's why it's so important to look your best and you're compelled to make sure "you got your sexy on". And then... there are other things that aren't as noticeable. Things like your emotional connection, history and internal chemistry.

For years couples have struggled with arousal that have nothing to do with their sexual partners. Questions like "are you still attracted to me?", "do you still love me?" and "what’s wrong?" start popping up around the age of 40 for most men. You know, that time when things just don't work like they used to? Or maybe some other health issue is making it hard for him to "stand up", last long or "look his best". Internal chemistry has nothing to do with his attraction and arousal at some point. Stay CONFIDENT in yourself! 

The unsuspecting usual culprit is most often internal and chemical. It could be a quick fix. And because I'm skeptical of any side effect, I only want all-natural ingredients for my family. I’m a self-professed worrywart when it comes to medication. I hate the word medicine to be frank and I only like dealing in the realm of supplements and boosters. I would hate to medicate even more for side effects caused by the original medication.

I found that a little help from a secret pill makes life so much simpler. Curious? Check it out yourself.

Ready?......It's called gRock me

Unlike the many ED pills out there, this one isn't just mainly for that. It's a safer alternative to mainstream medication, it only works "on command" and the effects last for 3 days. Check out this review:


"Our gROCKme just arrived yesterday...


Due to a heart attack at a young age and all the heart medications my husband had to take he's not been able to get an erection in years and if one did happen to come it wouldn't stay long. We've had over a decade of some frustrations however I feel like that is no more.


By 6 a.m. this morning I had the best wake-up call. He had the most rock hard on I've seen in a while and I was excited to feel it.  Just had some of the most SPECTACULAR earth moving sex that left my legs quivering and like rubber and I'm looking forward to seeing if it will last the next three days as it says. So far, he says that the only thing he notices is that the pills gave him a runny nose. If he can rock my world like that a runny nose is the least of our problems.


GROCKME quite possibly could be the answer to our prayers


Call me Blaze from Illinois"


Just tears rolling down my eyes after reading that! Isn't that just beautiful? That little pill probably saved their marriage! 


Anyway, my point is that we are people. We change and we need maintenance. Sometimes things don't work because we're due for maintenance and there's nothing wrong with that. Assuming that your partner no longer is interested in you is the worst thing that can happen. Take a look at the inner chemistry first and stay sexy and confident in who you are!


That's another Foxy Fixes Tip for you!


Don't forget to shop for Valentine's Day. Your best gift is yourself!